My general method of working is to start without any end results in mind and allow things to happen, along a path that is dictated by many years of experience and the work itself. It is a constant search, accomplished by hard work. One of the impressionist painters said "Painting a good painting is harder than fighting a lion". Doing anything well requires dedication, love and passion.

I rarely give titles to my work, allowing the work to be presented to the viewer in a pure, and pristine way; Permitting each person to search his own sensitivities without any preconceived ideas, much the same way that I am faced with a blank and deserted canvas when I begin a painting.

Art is as infinite as each human being; the artist, upon beginning his search, molds his own being and sensibility. His merit is in his ability, profundity and integrity of his self, as a final exponent of the course he has taken.

Frank Hursh
Queretaro, QRO. Mexico 2010

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